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Welcome to my portfolio


My name is Claus Albert Christensen and I hope you here can get an idea who I am and what my interests are.











About me


I am 48 old and live in Sønderborg, Denmark.


My primary interests are working in my garden as it releases potential stress and at the same time keeps me in good shape.


Traveling is something I like a lot and it has given me several trips to Canada as my brother lives there but there is also time to visit other places.


I have from a young age had a big interest in electronic and software which has also been a big part of my working life.









My past


I started an education as electronic technician at Danfoss and finished in 1988.

I then got a job for repairing the electronic part of flowmeter systems.


In 2003 the Flowmeter division was sold to Siemens and I stayed in the company.


During my time in these 2 companies, I did project and team management, implementing of SAP, electronic repair and construction of test equipment.


I also appreciated a lot working with colleagues in other countries like Germany, France and US.



Siemens Flowmeter products for measuring all kinds of fluids.










My current occupation


Since September 2014 I have been studying Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics at the University of Southern Denmark at Alsion in Sønderborg.


It is a good way for me to use the experience I have gathered during my time at Danfoss and Siemens.















My future


In the future I would like to work with:


·        Embedded programming

·        electronic controlling mechanic

·        Quality


But my focus area is embedded and electronic.







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