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My name is Claus Albert Christensen. I am 49 years old and live in the nice city of Sønderborg in Denmark.


From a young age, I have had a passion for electronics and software, which have been a big part of both my professional and my private life.


These passions have taken me on great adventures at Danfoss and Siemens where I spent most of my career until I started studying at the University of Southern Denmark.


My primary interests outside of work are working in my garden, which releases potential stress and keeps me in good shape.


Travelling is one of my favourite activities. I have taken several trips to Canada where my brother lives, and I have visited other places, such as Italy, France, Spain and Egypt.



In the future I would like to work with the following:


·        Embedded programming

·        Electronic controlling mechanics

·        Quality assurance


My focus areas are embedded programming and electronics.








From 2016






On vacation in Egypt


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